Warp Menu

No cheaty commands for teleports. Instead, you craft a compass which presents an easy-to-use menu. The server is split into multiple realms, and your location in each realm will be saved. Instead of /home and /sethome, use a bed to set home, and a compass to teleport.

Blink Pearl

A late-game magic ender pearl that travels faster and farther as well as adding additional features to the warp menu. To obtain one, contact staff, and trade a shulker box full of ender pearls for it.


Instead of portals taking you to the nether, now you can link any two portals together, and travel vast distances instantly.

LGBTQ+ Friendly

We promise to do our best to create a fun, friendly, and welcoming community for everyone.

Auction House

Auction House is a plugin written by klugemonkey that allows players to list items for sale on a server-wide database.

Death Chest Pro

Death Chest Pro is a plugin written by Drawethree that puts your items in a chest when you die.