Blink Pearl

A late-game magic ender pearl that travels faster and farther as well as adding additional features to the warp menu. To obtain one, contact staff, and trade a shulker box full of ender pearls for it.

How do I get it?

Craft a shulker box and fill it with ender pearls. Then, ask a staff member to exchange this for a Blink Pearl. If there aren’t any staff members in-game, you can open a support ticket on our Discord.

How do I use it?

Like you would with an ender pearl, right click to throw it. It will travel faster and farther than an ordinary ender pearl, but with additional gravity applied to it. If you hold shift when you throw it, it will be thrown like a normal ender pearl. If you hold shift when it lands, there will be no noise or particle effects.

If you are moving when you throw it, your motion will affect the Blink Pearl’s direction and velocity. If you jump and throw, it’ll go higher. If you are sprinting when you throw it, it will go even farther than usual. Careful though, it can easily fly into unloaded chunks in which case it’ll be stuck until you get closer.

Oh, and to open the menu, you need to left click instead of right click.

How do I refill it?

In your inventory, pick up some ender pearls, feathers, or end crystals. Then, right click the Blink Pearl, and these items will be irreversibly deposited into your Blink Pearl. Be careful not to lose this, or you will have to start over with a new one.

But that’s slow!

You can do the same thing with a shulker box, and the Blink Pearl will take what it needs out of the shulker box. You can keep the shulker box and whatever else is in there.

What else can it do?

Using a Blink Pearl to open the Warp Menu will unlock two new types of teleports in the menu: Quick Teleport and Stealth Teleport. Also, Normal teleports will use ender pearls from your Blink Pearl to preform the teleport. If you don’t have ender pearls, it will try to use your XP just as the compass does.

Quick Teleports use a lot of feathers, and, as the name implies, are instantaneous. Now you don’t have to wait eight seconds! But there’s one little side effect: a Quick Teleport will leave behind a rift that other players may enter to follow you. This may be a good thing if you are with friends, but not if enemies are nearby.

Steath Teleports use end crystals, and are completely silent. The drawback of this method is that it’s twice as slow as a normal teleport.