I. Chat Rules

Applies to all communication within our domain.

  1. Treat everyone with respect.

    • No personal attacks; address the issue, not the person.
    • No derogatory language.
    • Do not provoke or continue heated discussions; take it outside.
    • Respect correct names and pronouns.
  2. You are required to be at least 13 years of age.

    • If you are younger than 13, you won’t be allowed on the server.
    • Do not lie about your age, we will find out eventually.
    • Additionally, staff members are required to be 18+.
  3. No spamming or advertising.

    • Spamming is excessive/fast repetition of similar messages/characters/images.
    • Advertising is sharing a message or link intended to promote a product or service that is outside of our domain.
    • No excessive use of capital letters, formatting, emojis, or images.
  4. Do not ask for or share personal information.

    • Personal information includes, but is not limited to: financial information, real name, phone numbers, photos, real world location, and links to social media or other websites containing any of this information.
    • Sharing or asking for sensitive financial information or photos of others can lead to being permanently banned without warning.
  5. Do not circumvent punishments.

    • Punishments may be applied to all accounts sharing the same IP address unless we have sufficient reason to believe the account is being used by a different individual.
  6. Only write english in public chat.

    • Exception: Other languages may be used if it is relevant to the conversation for words to be in that language and the majority of the conversation is in english.
      PlayerA: Today in spanish class, we learned how to say desarrolladores.
      PlayerB: ¡Qué susto! That must have been muy difícil!
      PlayerA: sí señor
  7. No inappropriate usernames or nicknames.

    • Usernames that violate our other chat rules are forbidden.
    • Impersonation of an established player or staff member is forbidden.
    • Nicknames should be similar to your in-game name.
  8. In addition to our rules, follow Discord’s Community Guidelines.

    • See:
    • Our public game chat is linked with the #minecraft channel on our Discord.
    • If you violate the guidelines in Discord directly, you will be reported to Discord in addition to our normal punishments.

II. Game Rules

Applies to all game worlds.

  1. No griefing or raiding claimed land.

    • Griefing is breaking or placing blocks without permission or in a destructive manner.
    • Raiding is killing mobs and/or stealing items belonging to another player without permission.
    • If you grief on accident and fix it or ask staff to help fix it, you won’t be punished.
    • This rule may be waived with the consent of all involved parties.
  2. No hacked clients, cheat mods, or x-ray of any form.

    • Allowed Mods:
      • Optifine
      • Shaders
      • Resource packs that are not x-ray.
      • Minimap mods. (i.e. Rei’s Minimap, Zan’s Minimap, VoxelMap)
      • Mods that display more technical information but don’t give you an advantage in PvP. (i.e. Chunk borders, Armor HUD, etc.)
    • Do not accuse someone of cheating in public. Concern about cheating should be reported to a staff member in private.
  3. Abandoned land can be raided.

    • If no members of a property have logged in for 60 days, the property will be marked as abandoned.
    • At that point, raiding will be allowed.
    • To change the abandoned status of your property, look for it in the Abandon/Transfer tab in the menu.
  4. Do not build near someone else without their permission.

    • Near means that it matches any of the following criteria: ~near
      • Within visible distance
      • Attached to the same landmass
      • Above or below
    • If you build an underground base, it is your responsibility to check for builds above and to mark your land above ground with something obviously not natural.
    • If you build on or above sea level and someone built an underground base without marking it above ground, then you are not at fault.
  5. Do not build offensive, destructive, or lag-inducing structures.

    • Builds should follow the global rules regarding offensive language.
    • Don’t build redstone devices that cause client and/or server lag on average hardware.
    • XP grinders and redstone clocks must have an off-switch or otherwise limit how much they run. Don’t forget to shut it off when it’s not in use.
    • Spawner-based xp grinders do not have to have an off switch if they aren’t in frequently trafficked areas.
    • Mob farms with an automated kill mechanism are not counted as xp grinders, and therefore don’t need an off switch.
    • Don’t build excessively flashy structures.
  6. Do not abuse glitches that aren’t explicitly allowed.

    • Allowed Glitches:
      • Redstone-related glitches that don’t create new items.
      • Bedrock-breaking glitches (if there still are any that Mojang didn’t fix)
      • Obsidian generators
      • Glitches that allow going through walls in vanilla Minecraft without lag.
    • Illegal Glitches:
      • Anything that involves breaking or placing blocks where you don’t have access to.
      • Glitches involving lag.
      • Taking items out of menus that aren’t intended to be movable.
      • Duplicating items.
      • Using enderpearls to teleport into or through blocks without a gap.
    • For glitches not on either list or if you aren’t sure, ask an admin before using it.
  7. Don’t attack staff.

    • Do not attack a staff member, or you may be punished with death.
    • Do not pick up items that were dropped by an admin without permission. Their inventory may have contained spawned-in items that you aren’t allowed to keep.

III. Staff Rules

This information is public so you know what to expect from us.

  1. Treat all players equally and fairly.

    • Respect all players.
    • Do not lie to players or other staff under any circumstances.
    • Do not use your powers to give yourself or anyone else an unfair advantage or break any player rules.
    • Staff powers cannot be used to enforce non-server rules unless one or more server rules are broken in the process.
  2. Follow all player rules.

    • Staff are not above the law.
    • Infractions may result in demotion in addition to regular punishments.
  3. Do your part in enforcing rules.

    • Staff duties come before any player duties including your guild or town. (Applies to alternate accounts as well.)
    • If you receive a report and you don’t have the tools necessary to prove rules were broken, escalate this to the next staff rank up.
    • If you receive a report and a lower ranked staff member is available to solve this issue, deescalate this to the next staff rank down.
  4. Handle player punishments in a fair and professional manner.

    • Permanent Bans should only be given when a player is uncooperative and unlikely to reform.
    • Give at least one warning first.
    • For chat-related offenses, a temp-mute should follow a warning.
    • If you catch a player in the act of griefing, freeze them first and then warn them.
    • All bans, kicks, and warnings should include a reason.
  5. Don’t mess with areas of the system that you have no business in.

    • Do not compromise the security or functioning of the system.
    • Do what is necessary to protect system security.
  6. We reserve the right to reprimand players in extraordinary circumstances.